Crazy Craft Mod Pack Download

23 Feb, 2014 by Admin

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Crazy Craft Mod Pack Download

Simply acquire the correct morph for something and press enter to turn into it!

This mod allows you to kill and acquire a morph of any player and animal.

« » Basic overview of the Morph Mod: The Morph Mod for Minecraft is created by the developer iChun.

And you can remove a morph with the deletebackspace.

I have an Acer Aspire v5-1220p Windows 8.

How to use the Morph Mod: By killing a mob you will acquire a morph.

Then, by simply holding the morph you will shape shift into that morph!

So if you morph into a bat you can then fly etc.

How to Install the Morph Mod: Changelogs of the Morph Mod: update : Added more options to the config, and added arms to the Squid, Spider and Wolf morphs.

This mod offers support for smp and client, so you can play online.

You can access that morphs features further.

X64 computer with 4gb of ram (as requested on the requirements on the void lancher forum) and I recently downloaded crazy craft, however I keep running into the same java.

But due to popular demand the creator decided to put it back up for download.

Browse previously stored morphs with the default keys.

Morph Mod Video Showcase: Key Features of the Morph Mod: This mod allows you to shape shift into any mob, person or thing.

Crazy Craft Mod Pack Download

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